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How I Get Great Sleep

 Sleep. We all do it. Most of us do it badly. After spending years  of my life plagued with bad sleep - I finally decided to really research and experiment. The result was me distilling down a few key things that I can easily repeat to keep things simple. This is such a common problem - and one I personally end up talking about a lot. I end up repeating everything here, so I am finally writing it down so I've a link to share 😊 Before we begin... This post contains some affiliate links for products I am recommending. I actively use these and would recommend them anyway. The fact I may get a small kickback is bonus - not the goal. Some research says you need 8 hours sleep. I respectfully disagree as I've personally  found 6h of great  sleep to be all  I need. That being said, I'm not a doctor. Listen to yours and your body more than me.  I may not do ALL the steps every  night. However, the ones marked ⭐ I do.  If I am really tired, then I do the whole list as I know it'